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My grandson is in jail for trying to save a girl from being hurt or possibly raped. I don't have the money for an attorney.

I have an attorney friend here in Skagit County. He had such a backlog that he could not defend Brandon.

I contacted another attorney and he wanted $100,000 to defend Brandon. Skagit County does not have enough public defenders. As a result of not enough public defenders Brandon sit in jail for one year without a trial. (I believe this is a violation of his civil rights). When Brandon did, finally, have a trial, he was poorly represented. His attorney was so overwhelmed with other clients that he couldnít provide Brandon with the time necessary for a good trial. My attorney friend told me that Skagit County is corrupt; he said that I could even use his name. The Seattle new paper had an article about a Seattle that was suing Skagit County for not having enough public defenders. An acquaintance of mine was on probation for dealing drugs. A short time after being released on probation, he began acquiring expensive toys. First a Hummer, than a nice boat, camper trailer, etc. I assumed he was selling drugs again and told him he was going to get caught and go back to jail. He told me that he was paying off his probation officer (Skagit County). I have other stories of the Skagit Countyís corruption. The prosecutor had the time and resources to build a good case even though the facts were not true. The facts: One evening Brandon and his girlfriend, Alicia had a couple, Megan and Kyle, over to their house for a little get together. After some time Megan wanted to call her brother. The cell coverage wasnít very good in Brandonís house so she had to go outside, in the dark, to use the cell phone. While talking to her brother Megan told him someone was following her. The next thing her brother heard was noises on her cell phone that sound like it was flying through the bushes. After some time Brandon, Alicia and Kyle realized Megan had been gone too long so they all set out to look for her. A little over a block away, Brandon and Alicia heard Meganís blood curdling scream coming from a trailer house. Brandon lived in a shady neighborhood and fearing the worst. He and Alicia ran back to his house and he grabbed a gun to rescue Megan. Brandon had Alicia call 911 and asks her to stay home and wait for the police, however she followed him back to the house. Everything that happened is on the 911 tapes. When Brandon arrived at the mobile home he broke down the door and shouted for everyone to get down on the floor, assuming that there were several people attacking Megan. (The prosecutor will say that sound of the door breaking was Brandon shooting, it was not.). The occupant of the trailer came from the bedroom with a pistol and shot Brandon, grazing his shoulder. Meanwhile Megan was escaping thru a small trailer window, Brandon returned a shot hitting the man in the leg. Turn out that the man was 87. The prosecutor believes him because of his age. However, I have found over one dozen cases where an 87 year old and as old as 100 have been arrested for molesting young girls. I can provide proof of this. Also neighbors say that he jogged every night about the time of the attack. He was in good physical shape for his age. Meganís shoes and cell phone were found near the driveway leading to the mobile home, Megan had been struck on the back of the head, the first thing Megan said as she came out of the window was that the old man was feeling her up. As soon as Megan exited the window she insisted on, and did take shower, indicating to me that she felt dirty from the incident. Megan doesnít remember anything that happened in the trailer, I believe because of the hit to the back of her head. In the 8th grade I was ice-skating and fell, bumping my head on the ice. For the next 4 hour I didnít remember anything. Friends told me things I did, but I didnít remember. The old man was also on the phone to 911, making it look bad for Brandon. However, what I believe is that he hit Megan in the head and drug her to the trailer. When she came to she was too much for him to handle so he called 911 to protect himself. I do not that believe that someone else struck Megan on the head and then she went to this trailer for help. In any event, Brandon is a very good kid. He was brought up right and was brought up to be a good Samaritan. He was not found guilty, he took the plea. He was threatened with 20 years in prison if found guilty by a trial or 3 years if he took a plea. I told Brandon not to accept the plea because I do not believe that they could find 12 jurors that would find him guilty, but Brandon was afraid of the possibility of being found guilty by a jury. I hope you will look at this and realize that he does not deserve to be in prison for trying to prevent a girl from being hurt. His only thought was that she was being hurt and by the time the police got there she might be dead. The police were several miles away. I believe I know how you feel about justice and fair treatment because of your record and hope you can help Brandon. Had I been in Brandonís situation, I would have broke into the home to save Megan. I donít believe that I would have returned home A drunk driver killed my father. This guy made the conscious decision to drink and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. He then crossed over the centerline hitting my fatherís vehicle head on killing my father and seriously injuring my brother. He didnít serve any time in jail. Brandon was trying to save a girl from being hurt and is now in jail. He didnít kill anyone. One of the highlights of the year is when Brandon, his dad and I go deer and elk hunting. I hope that we will be able to do that again in the future. The prosecutor says Brandon is a threat to society and needs to be in jail. Brandon only went into that trailer because he heard Meganís blood curdling scream, screaming help me!

I need your help! I want Brandon out of jail. Brandon was threatened with 22 years in prison if he didnít take the 2 year plea. thank you :)



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